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There are enough people that your mic is muted for conversation. You can unmute by changing "mic" to "on" in the lower left, or by holding the spacebar while you talk.

Best to leave these alone, since they do affect everyone

Beats per Minute: (Enables metronome, set to 0 to disable)

Repeats (for rounds):

Beats Per Repeat (for rounds):

Mixing Console

Hear Solos Mix:

Settings that only affect you

Disable tutorial:

Disable latency measurement:

API path:

Upload path:

Loopback mode:

Presentation mode:

Settings that affect everyone

Leave these alone unless you know what you're doing

Disable auto gain:

Disable video during songs:

(Clicks BPM if selected: )
Test event contents: Offset (optional):

Global Volume Control (0-2):

Backing Track Volume Control (0-2):

Debug Info

Sample rate:
Input / output peak absolute amplitude:
Input gain (scalar):
This client total time consumed (s):
This client read slippage (s):
Total time to next client [more than 3 is bad] (s):
Batch size (ms):
Client Latency (ms):
Web Audio Jank (initial) (ms):
"True" (de-janked) Latency (ms):
Web Audio Jank (current) (ms):
If no one currently has Bucket Brigade reserved, feel free to use it.

If you would like to reserve Bucket Brigade, which you are welcome to do for whatever sort of event you would like to hold here, send a calendar invitation to gsc268k1lu78lbvfbhphdr0cs4@group.calendar.google.com. For example, you can add that email address as a guest for an event in Google Calendar.

By default, events are not password-protected. If you would like to require a password, enter one: . Include in the description field of your calendar event. You and your guests will need to enter the password exactly as you typed it.

Let your guests know in advance they'll need:

  • A computer (not a phone or tablet)
  • Up-to-date Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari
  • Ideally, wired headphones. For multiple people, headphone splitters are ~$5 and work well (2-way, 5-way).
Bucket Brigade is an open source program for making music over the Internet. Glenn, Jeff, and others develop and maintain it on a "best effort" basis.

It is free to use, but does cost ~25¢/person/hour to run. If you end up using it much, it would be nice if you would send us a small amount of money to cover server expenses: paypal.me/jefftkaufman. We'll credit you on the page with our expenses and contributions, unless you ask to be anonymous.

The code is open source, and if you would be interested in running your own instance we'd be happy to help you get set up. It is also possible to use as a library, and in that form it has handled an event with over 200 users.

If you have questions or run into problems, file an issue or write to bucketbrigade@googlegroups.com.

Someone is much too quiet during songs

Volume levels during songs are separate from volume levels while talking, so someone can be a normal volume in the video call portion but too quiet while singing. This often happens if someone accidentally makes an uncharacteristically loud noise, or switches microphones. They should refresh the page and recalibrate.

Someone is consistently off the beat by the same amount.

If someone is consistently a fraction of a beat early or late, their client side latency adjustment has gotten off. Most likely, they switched microphones or headphones without recalibrating. They should refresh the page and recalibrate.

On the other hand, if someone is in consistently off the beat, sometimes early and sometimes late, they are probably just not singing/playing their best. They could mute their mic or move to a late bucket.

Figuring out which of these is going on is awkward. Please be kind to each other! A good default is to recalibrate if in doubt, to quickly rule out a technical problem.

Audio is cutting in and out

Someone's network connection isn't up to the task. They should probably try moving closer to the router, or even switching to a wired connection. But is it your connection or someone else's?
  • If your "internet" meter, at the bottom of the page, isn't showing all six bars, it's probably yours.

  • If the audio is fully dropping out, and there are multiple people you should be hearing, and then it's yours.

  • If one of the people ahead of you is dropping out, but you can still hear other people when that happens, it's theirs.

  • If you're in the second bucket, only expecting to be hearing one person ahead of you, it could be either you or them. If you jump to a later bucket you should be able to tell the difference.

I keep seeing "Due to lag, your singing is not included"

This happens most often if your computer is overloaded. Try closing other things running on your computer, including background tabs.

Something else weird is going on

If you'd like Jeff to drop into your call and have a look, you're welcome to text 617-871-0237 between 8am and 10pm. This is best effort; I'll come if I'm not busy.

Alternatively, fill out the form on github. Please give as much information as you can, so I can try and trigger your problem and figure out why it wasn't doing what it should.

It looks like your browser is too old. Try using the most recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.

While we don't recommend trying to continue anyway, because it will probably fail silently and just be frustrating for you, if you want you can continue:

It looks like you are on a mobile browser. This is not recommended: we haven't found any mobile devices that are able to keep up with the strain of encoding and decoding audio in JavaScript.

While we don't recommend trying to continue anyway, because it will probably fail silently and just be frustrating for you, if you want you can continue:

We're sorry, the room is currently full. Please try again later!
Welcome! This is a program for singing with people over the Internet.

Before we start, a few questions:

What's your name?
* we need to know what to call you
What's the password for this event?
* that is not the password. If you were invited, please check in with the organizer.
Are you planning on singing or just listening?
Are you using headphones?
Do you have wired headphones that you could easily use?
Are your headphones wired?
Great! Please attach them and then refresh this page.
That's OK! Using headphones helps reduce noise, but it still works OK if a few people aren't wearing headphones.
Wireless headphones have large and inconsistent latency. Please detach them and refresh this page.
Wired headphones are ideal!

Last step! We just need to sort out cameras.
No camera found

No microphones found. Possibly you do have a microphone, but the browser is not allowing access for privacy reasons?
Input device:

In the next step we are going to need to make some really loud beeps to calibrate latency.

Please turn your volume all the way up. Take your headphones off your head, and position the earpieces as close as possible to your mic. On a mac laptop this is near the "esc" key. Press "start" when ready.

If you've changed something about your audio setup since your last visit, press "recalibrate". Otherwise press "start" to begin.

You should be hearing some beeps.
  • If you don't hear anything, is your speaker unmuted?
  • If you do hear beeps but #beeps detected is not counting up, turn up the volume.
  • If the beeps are very loud but it's still not counting up, try refreshing the page and changing your input device.
  • Other things to try:
    • Restarting your browser.
    • Restarting your computer.
    • Switching to another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari)
    • Refreshing the page and choosing "Only Listening" to skip calibration.
Mic producing any audio. Is your input device set correctly?

Unable to calibrate latency. Please make sure that the microphone is able to hear the speaker.

It's fine to continue without calibration if you just to sing along, but your audio can't be sent out for everyone else to hear unless we know exactly how much client-side latency you have.
#beeps detected ...


Click volume:

Your latency is now calibrated! If it any point you change something about your audio setup, such as switching to a different microphone, please refresh the page and recalibrate.

Now we need to calibrate your volume. This will only apply to music making; the video call portion automatically adjusts to your current volume. You probably want to turn your speaker volume back down. Pick something you're comfortable singing, start singing, and then click .

Volume: ...
Lost connectivity to the server. Trying to reconnect…
Are you still here? If so, move the mouse or something.
The metronome is set to . Rounds are configured, with repeats of beats each. To disable, set to zero on the Advanced Settings tab.
Image Uploaded. Image Upload Failed. Track Uploaded. Track Upload Failed.
Due to lag, your singing is not included
Each person is in a bucket. You can hear the people in earlier buckets, and you can be heard by the people in later buckets. You can't hear other people in your own bucket. You can move between buckets by pressing the "join" button in the upper right.

If you are a strong singer or know the song well you might choose an earlier bucket, while if you are less confident you might choose a later one. Similarly, if you are in a noisy environment or are not wearing headphones, you might also choose a later one.

As a spectator, your singing is not included

Time Travel:

This app has crashed. We're really sorry :-(

Please file a bug with the following information; it will help us fix it.

Then refresh the page and try again.