Bucket Brigade Singing

This is new and still has some issues. If you run into a problem, we would appreciate it if you would tell us about it.
This only supports one event at a time. You may book time by sending a calendar invitation to gsc268k1lu78lbvfbhphdr0cs4@group.calendar.google.com. For example, you can add that email address as a guest for an event in google Calendar. View Calendar.

Automatic recordings of the most recent few songs: recordings
It looks like you're not using Chrome. Unfortunately, this doesn't yet work in other browsers: While we don't recommend trying to continue anyway, because it will probably fail silently and just be frustrating for you, if you want you can continue:
Welcome! This is a program for singing with people over the Internet.

Before we start, a few questions:

Are you using headphones?
Do you have wired headphones that you could easily use?
Are your headphones wired?
Great! Please attach them and then refresh this page.
That's OK! Using headphones helps reduce noise, but it still works OK if a few people aren't wearing headphones.
Wireless headphones have large and inconsistent latency. Please detach them and refresh this page.
Wired headphones are ideal!

Enter your name and press enter:
Input device:
In the next step we are going to need to make some really loud beeps to calibrate latency.

Please turn your volume all the way up. Take your headphones off your head, and position the earpieces as close as possible to your mic. On a mac laptop this is near the "esc" key. Press "start" when ready.

You should be hearing some beeps.
  • If you don't hear anything, is your speaker unmuted?
  • If you do hear beeps but #beeps detected is not counting up, turn up the volume.
  • If the beeps are very loud but it's still not counting up, try refreshing the page and changing your input device.
  • If this is really not working, try clapping along on the beat.
  • If the system is still not registering your claps, try restarting your browser, or, if that fails, restarting your computer.
Mic producing any audio. Is your input device set correctly?

#beeps detected ...


Unable to calibrate latency. Please make sure that the microphone is able to hear the speaker.

It's fine to continue without calibration if you just to sing along, but your audio can't be sent out for everyone else to hear unless we know exactly how much client-side latency you have.

Click volume:

Your latency is now calibrated. You probably want to turn your speaker volume back down. Next we need to calibrate your singing volume. Pick something you're comfortable singing, start singing, and then click .

Volume: ...

You're fully calibrated now! Talk to each other in chat and figure out who's going to lead the next song. They should click the "Lead a Song" button.
Waiting for the song to get to us...


Lost connectivity to the server. Trying to reconnect…


Everyone has a position, listed next to their name above. Closer to the front and more people will be able to hear you, closer to the back and you will be able to hear more people. Normally positions are assigned automatically, but if you don't like your assignment you can choose a new one. Enter a number between 6 and 115:

Advanced Settings

Best to leave these alone, since they do affect everyone
Beats per Minute:

Repeats (for rounds):

Beats Per Repeat (for rounds):


(Will show up when you start)
Tap on Downbeat

Disable tutorial:
Disable latency measurement:
Loopback mode:
Server path:
(Clicks BPM if selected: )
Test event contents: Offset (optional):

Global Volume Control (0-2):
Backing Track Volume Control (0-2):

Select User:
Set Mic Volume (0-2):

Debug info:

source code

Sample rate:
Input / output peak absolute amplitude:
Input gain (scalar):
This client total time consumed (s):
This client read slippage (s):
Batch size (ms):
Client Latency (ms):
Web Audio Jank (initial) (ms):
"True" (de-janked) Latency (ms):
Web Audio Jank (current) (ms):

This app has crashed. We're really sorry :-(

Please file a bug with the following information; it will help us fix it.

Then refresh the page and try again.